Monday, January 30, 2012

We Hammerers Three

Reinforcements trickle in.
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Short and sweet. Got three more Hammerers done last week. It's taking me far too long per figure to get them done, especially considering I'm using army painter. Probably about 3 hours per fig. I know! Just what am I doing for 3 hours? I don't know either. I'll keep track next time.

To add slightly more salt to the wound, I haven't finished these guys bases. No grass, no highland tufts, no snow; but at least they're porridged and coloured.


  1. Looking damn sweet! Finish those goddam bases!

  2. ta!
    Not going to do the bases until the whole unit is done. Need to experiment a tad to figure out exactly how I did those old frosted bases for the thunderers. :)

  3. Awesome work, looking to seeing the unit finished.

  4. Nice work RC. Three hours is about my rate of production too and that's when I try batch painting them !

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    Also, I've added you to the WFB Allies blogroll, I hope you can find it in your dutiful stunty heart to add me into yours :)

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    1. Hey Simgar! 3 hours for a single model still seems to long to me! Consider yourself blogrolled, I'll check out the WFB Reporter's forum when I get the chance, thanks for the invite.

  5. Thanks RC. You're right, 3 hours is too long but don't forget that Dwarfs live a lot longer than men so relatively speaking you could count yourself a speed painter ;)

    Sadly, I have no such defence and just remain a very slow speed painter :)

    Hopefully see you in the forum,


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