Tuesday, September 18, 2012

More Android Market Stats for FMH

As of 16th Sept 2012
939! So close to my one thousand mark.

It's weird, it's been 5 days since I released 0.68 and I haven't had any time to write any code for FMH. It's not so bad, it's only been five days right? I've been working on the guts of it for so long, that it feels like I'm taking a 5 day holiday - even though I'm working full time.

I do have a 'to do' list though.

Next up are some bugfixes for Ogres which Mr.Vaughan sent in, and also I'm going to look at including a settings page which the user can choose 'stuff' - like text sizes on all the screens, perhaps a default popped open armies from the unit picker, and some default unit choice(s) from the unit picker.

Other suggestions are welcome! @FantasyMathHamr or email to clockworkcraig [at] gmail.com.


  1. Aye, the last 61 could easily take another two weeks (if not more). It's tense.


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