Thursday, September 06, 2012

FMH - nights of bugfixing

I've been busy.
A rather decent chap in Australia (how cool is that, someone literally around the world is using my app!) sent me a lengthy email detailing a tonne of bugs with O&G.
I fixed the vast majority of them tonight.
A bunch of facepalm type ones, for some reason I had all cavalry as down as 20mm wide. Seems like they're all 25mm wide, there's no such thing as 20mm cav!

There was an almighty bug in the code which determined how many models could attack units of smaller base sizes, with fewer models. This is now fixed, it took a good 5 hours of work to fix this bloody thing. When I fixed trolls attack count, it broke cavalry attack counts. When I fixed those, it broke larger monster attack counts. Thank fark I started implementing unit tests, else I wouldn't have known I'd broken the attack calculator for other units.

That's me, and the demon is the bugs. RAWR.
New special rules handled:
- Regeneration
- Thick Skinned
- War Paint
- Swarm
- Unit special rules printed in debug logs at start of each combat log


  • Mournfang were classed as monstrous cav and on 40mm bases, should have been on 50mm basses. Fixed.
  • Default cavalry base size was 20mm, DERP. Fixed to 25mm.
  • Terradon's were on cav bases, should have been monstrous cav 40mm. Fixed.
  • Demigryphs were on 40mm bases, should have been 50mm (I'm not an Empireplayer!). Fixed.
  • Fixed Pegasus knights, they were on 40mm bases and should have been on 50mm. Mounted Yeomen were classifed as infantry, not cavalry. Fixed.
  • Added more unit tests for monstrous inf vs inf, caught another bug in mathhammer._how_many_can_hit(attacker, defender). Fixed.
  • VC BlackKnights were wrong base size of 20mm, fixed to 25mm.
  • Empire units: Knightly orders, Inner circle knights and Reiksguard Knightswere all using a basesize of 20mm, fixed to 25mm.
  • Fixed issue with monstrous inf getting too few attacks against inf block frontage.

  Orc Boyz, Orc Boyz big uns, Orc arrer Boyz, Savage orcs,
  Goblin wolf riders: fixed to have 25mm base size
  Savage orc big uns + Orc Boyz big un fixed to have WS 4.

  Savage orcs & Savage orc big uns now get their WAR PAINT
  bonus of 6+ ward save

  Night goblins armour fixed, they were getting light
  armour bonus.

  Forrest Goblin spider riders:
  - 20mm base size, fixed to 25mm
  - Armour was 4+, fixed to 5+ armour and 6+ward (parry)

  Black Orcs
  - 20mm base size, fixed to 25mm
  - note: armed to da teef is not yet implemented.

  Orc Boar boys:
  - 20mm base size, fixed to 25mm
  - had 5+ armour, fixed to 4+ armour
    - light plus 2 for boars THICK SKINNED

  Orc Boar boys big uns
  - 20mm base size, fixed to 25mm
  - WS3 fixed to WS 4
  - had 5+ armour, fixed to 4+ armour
    - light plus 2 for boars THICK SKINNED

  Savage Orc Boar boys
  - 20mm base size, fixed to 25mm
  - Armour fixed from +98! to 5+ armour
    - 2 for boars THICK SKINNED
  - They now have their 6+ ward save

  Savage Orc Boar boys big uns:
  - 20mm base size, fixed to 25mm
  - Armour fixed from +98! to 5+ armour
     - 2 for boars THICK SKINNED
  - They now have their 6+ ward save
  - had WS 3 fixed to WS 4

  Night goblin Squig Hoppers (also check hatred vs dwarfs not yet programmed)
  - armour fixed to 6+
  - added squig attacks, NOTE: these are currently treated as rider + mount, app doesn't yet handle concept of handlers + multiple models/herd

  - now crumble like a SWARM should

  - fixed from 40mm wide to 100mm
  - number of attacks fixed. Note: poisened attacks and multiple wound attacks not yet handled.
  - Crew now get their 8 attacks s3
  - Fixed armour save from 3+ to 4+
  - NOTE: Thunderstomp not yet implemented.

  River/Stone troll
  - stone troll now gets it's 5+ armour save
  - 4 plus regen is now implemented
  - bug in frontage where only 2 trolls could attack
  - NOTE: river troll doesn't yet have it's -1 to hit bonus


  1. Thanks dude. Like I said I'd actually rather be painting after last weekends tournament! But App needs some love - it's so demanding! :)

  2. For some reason on my HTC desire X the text over writes itself which means when I scroll it's unreadable. Love the idea of this app though. How did you go with your project?

  3. Hrmm, one other person has had that issue. I'm using Kivy ( for the UI, I think the problem might be there. The app is using kivy 1.3, and kivy 1.7 has been released. My time is very limited at the moment I'm afraid, when/if I find time to update the app I'll definitely use 1.7. Hopefully that will sort your issue.
    If you'd like to email me at: clockworkcraig [at] I can ping you when the app is updated and you can try it again.

  4. Um, don't know where I'm supposed to report a bug but the lances on silver helms and Dragon princes only give 1 str on the charge instead of 2.

    1. Hey Evan,
      I'm afraid I have left this app completely unloved and un-updated for a while now. Every now and again I spend a weekend on it, but I haven't released any of those fixes. :/
      Since GW exploding warhammer fantasy in front of my crying eyes, I haven't been inclined to spend more time on it.
      I've put your Silverhelms STR on charge into the bugs list, no guarantees!


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