Thursday, February 02, 2012

Space Hulk - a fickle mistress

The Seargent is down, but perimeter
is solid. Just how do we
advance again?
I introduced a non-gamer friend of mine to Space Hulk a few nights ago. He seemed to enjoy it. Let me clarify non-gamer as non-board gamer.  He's played Ticket to Ride once, and as far as I know played BSG once too. He seemed to enjoy Space Hulk, especially the timer aspect.
There were deep thoughts and cogs turning and as we both finished the first suicide mission he turned and asked: 
"So just how are the space marines supposed to win then?"

We had both beaten each other soundly with the genestealers. Clearly, neither of us are cut out for the Adeptus Astartes, maybe a genestealer cultist would be a better careers choice?

Space Hulk - it's NOT going really well -  28-01-2012 01-17-41
Did I say the perimeter was solid? Oopsey. WE HAVE A BREACH!
Personally I love the way Space Hulk is so damn hard. It really harks back to the old Space Hulk game.

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