Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Got Warhammer Android App Ideas?

FeedHammer News App
I have to write and publish an Android app for a course I'm doing, I need some ideas.  It can be Warhammer related, or perhaps a board game aid. If you think it might be useful, then I want to hear it.

This is a quick look around at some apps which already exist, and a short list of ideas I've had.

Do you want a SpaceHulk app? A Diceroller app? Then let me know.

Some apps which already exist:
This is by no means a complete list.

WarStat : which calculates various statistics for warhammer, and keeps track of leadership test, combat rolls, gives you hit rate estimates for ranged shots. Seems useful to me, but I don't think I'd use it.

FeedHammer : a news aggregator app for all things warhammer related.

IG SoundBoard
IG SoundBoard : does what it says on the tin. I haven't tried it, I'm not really interested.

Space Marine soundboard : same feeling as the IG one above.

Some Ideas:
  • MyBattleReport App
    • easily report your result with the battle fresh in your mind
    • difficulties would be that MyBattleReport is not my site. I would need permission to do this and use their name on the android market. Will they provide webservice access (or some access) for the app to report stats? 
  • Mass Dice Roller
    • for large combats or shootings. Dark Elf repeater crossbows come to mind. 40+ dice.
      Easily choose number of dice to roll.
      Roll them all with a single click.
      Immediately select what the failure value is +2, +3, +4 etc, and dismiss fails.
      Return a success count i.e. you got 25 hits.
  • Space Hulk 
    • An app which takes the place of the egg timer.
      Plays the Aliens style motion detector noise with increasing frequency of blips as the time runs out.


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