Monday, January 23, 2012

Hammerer paint stripping

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hammerer painting
hammerer painting
That's right boys, into the Dettol with you!
My favourite way to deal with these is a bath in 60% Dettol + 40% water (the ratio doesn't matter too much, just don't drink it) for a day or two. In this case I got lazy and left them in there for 2 weeks.

Generally speaking it strips super-glue(after 2 weeks it does!), so you'll have to re-glue bases and shields and what not.

And away we go.

hammerer painting

The dettol turns the paint somewhat gloopy, and very sticky. Wear rubber gloves and do your best to wash that stuff off, it sticks to everything so an outside tap is preferable. An old toothbrush will help a lot if you have one.

The Hammerers emerged from their ordeal absolutely stinking of dettol, but perfectly usable.

Hammerers post dettol
That's right my luvlies, you rest up. We'll get you painted and as good 
as new in no time. Well, probably quite some time.


  1. Hope there wasnt any fish in that bowl!

  2. Arthur the guppie took one for the team. He will be remembered!

  3. Sorry if I am being rude, but why do you use Dettol? Why not acetone?

  4. Ah, name's Adam by the way. I play with dwarfs at a club in NZ and am a friend of Johns at Stumpyheaven blog. Really enjoy your blog, and painting, just thought it was weird that you use Dettol.

    1. Hey Adam, how do?
      The reason I use Dettol is caution and ignorance. I didn't know much about the subject matter, and didn't want to melt any models - or myself in the process. :)

      Initially I bought something from a local hardware shop, and the amount of 'danger' and 'contact local authority to dispose of correctly' warnings scared the bejaysus ( out of me.

      A little searching on the internet and an asking on Bugman's revealed Dettol as a more than adequate substitute.
      A lot less hazardous to my health I felt (it's used as a disinfectant! How bad could it be?).

      It's probably lacking in the pure power sense, as there's always a little paint left turned into a very sticky and annoying gloop.

      How do you rate acetone? I'd heard it'll melt plastic models.

  5. Howzat!

    Things go well at this point, I got a game lined up against WoC next week with a ninja dwarf army that is set to give me several tricks under my beard.

    Your caution regarding acetone sounds reasonable, I was just unaware that dettol was strong enough to do anything except be used as a disinfectant. I have used acetone a number of times and it really works well, leaving no paint residue at all (even in the grooves or recesses of the model), despite leaving a characteristic smell of acetone on the models in a similar way to dettol.I will admit that when I have used acetone it has only been for metal models, but what I might do next time is do two batches (one acetone the other dettol) when stripping some of the old plastic models I have once I get started on having my army tournament ready for later this year.

    Thanks for the feed back and the tip with using dettol, keep up the great work on the blog and keep squishing them pointy ears (greenskins + elves).



  6. What ho Craig. Ah, stripping, a wondrous process. Dump in a blob of old paint, out comes a shiny mini.

    I use Dettol for plastic and metal, works a treat. Where hardcore paint stripping is needed, to et rid of paint, glue and even plastic, I use Nitromors craftsman paint stripper. A warning though, use in a ventilated area, and for the love of God don't get any on you. It WILL burn. Dettol is, for general stripping, the very thing.

    1. I've spent a bunch of time in science labs, and the nightmare stories of HCl and it's ilk passing through skin and slowly eating bone has given me an overly large fear for these things. I'm sure Acetone and Nitromors are just fine....

  7. Keep the spray can one to two feet away from the figurine to avoid excess paint build-up and dripping. Let the primer dry.


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