Saturday, January 28, 2012

Golem Colour Choice

Dah'linc! Do tell me,
just which is my good side?
I painted two of the armour plate sections on the Megalith. I'm keeping to the same palette as the Dwarves, metals and warm earthy colours.

While I like the TinBitz on the left more, I think I'm actually going to go with the stone greys of the right hand plate. I'll definitely be keeping the burnished gold trim on all the plates.

The reason I'll go with...

...the grey stone over the TinBitz is that the TinBitz is too similar to the base wood colouring I'm using (Scorched Earth). The model as a whole would be far too brownish, you can't really tell the TinBitz is actually a metal colour from a distance.

I've used Dark Tone Army Painter on each of the plates, and Matt Varnish afterwards, though I think I took the photo before the right plate's gloss had finished drying - hence its shiny-ness.

Golem Armour Plate
TinBitz Vs Stone Grey.
I don't like the way the orange highlights turned out on the left. I also am not a huge fan of how the white runes turned out on the right! I haven't tried any OSL techniques here, I don't think I'd be able to be honest. As a result, if the entire model had it's runes in white, would it look good? I like the look of it, but to me they don't look like 'glowing' or even just 'bright' runes.


I'm going to bring in some other colours from the Dwarf scheme, and make the main breast & shoulder plates have a Dwarven Bronze colour, to make the 'stone' golem appear armoured. Again, I'll be keeping the inset runes bright white - unless you have any strong opinions?



  1. Hey Craig, I actually like the more orange runes, though I do like the stone grey on the right hand plate though.

  2. Yeah? When you say orange runes, do you mean white but with the crappy splash of orange I added? Or should I replace the white completely with orange - so solid orange runes?

  3. Hi Craig, I would without doubt go for the left colour scheme. Don't worry about it becoming "too brown", it suits the model and the orange rune has got some really nice effect - looks magical!

  4. Thanks Noeste, appreciate the feedback. Sounds like the orange runes are a winner! I'll try add the orange highlighting to the grey plate and see what it looks like before I decide.


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