Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fluff: Dire Maneuvers

CampaignHammer :
Year 3, Month 1.
I'm still playing the campaign over on CampaignHammer. Thanks mainly to getting fugged by the chaos storm positioning and some crafty spell casting of the Ogre's, my deployments were spread far and wide. The Ogre's had (locally) outnumbered my fleets and were likely going to be carting over multiple banners to my island (well, the island that's in contention).

Interested in a little bit of analysis followed by some fluff I wrote on CampaignHammer? Then read on.

The Ogre (cunning, aggressive Ogres!) placed a chaos void spell which they received in the Spring Spells phase. You can see the small winds of magic multi coloured wheel in hex H6. Anything anyone moves in there will die. This coupled with the Chaos Storm in G7 blocked any access to the southern seas for my northern fleets C and D.

With no hope of reinforcements for fleet A, I tried for an early attack. Hoping to catch an ogre fleet in 1v1 combat and even the odds, my orders were to attack with Fleet A from i6 to H7.

Unfortunately Mr.Ogre expected it, and had at the same time directly attacked my one fleet with both of his. [Fleet A:H7->i6, Fleet B:i7->i6]
I was seriously contemplating running for the south to keep the fleet A alive, but that would have allowed the Ogre to land 2 banners at will on the Burning Isle.

It's the first time that simultaneous movement and initiative has really mattered in the campaign. We have an independent GM, he made the necessary sacrifices (or just rolled dice) to determine if I would catch the first fleet on it's own, or if both Ogre fleet's pinned mine to the coast...

Admiral Storrisson says "read the damned fluff report!".
A Dwarf's Tale: Dire Maneuvers

I grabbed the above dwarf pirate style pic from the nether regions of the internet some time ago, and now can't find it to link to the author. If anyone recognises it, could they send me a link? Much obliged.

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