Saturday, January 21, 2012

Moar Golems

I've finally got my paint station in place again. It's always that bit of an extra impediment to painting if everything isn't just ready to go.

In other news I got the Megalith pinned and based a while back. Thanks for the help Mr.Saturday - you popped my pinning cherry.
More pics await...

Drilling the arms really felt like you could go right through the small joints quite easily, but the job is done and I have 4 assembled golems with only the megalith based so far.

I've been putting off painting them because I don't think I'll be able to do them justice. Any Circle Orobos models I've seen always look fantastic and the vast majority use OSL. I'm also unsure of the exact paint scheme I'll go with. Will the wooden arms & legs look good? Should I attempt to make the ropes look like steel cable or will it just look crap? Stay tuned, these questions and more will all be answered...eventually. I intend to get some more Hammerers done before starting on the Golem.
Golem & Hammerers
Here are some pics alongside the hammerers for scale.

For the Golem's base below, I used 40x40 Ruins resin bases from MicroArtStudio, which I'm very happy with.
Golem & Hammerers
Golem & Hammerers


  1. Looking cool Craig, can't wait to see this unit all painted up.

  2. Looking forward to seeing the unit filler painted up.

  3. Thanks. I have to say I'm struggling with what colour scheme to use. I test painted a chunk yesterday and didn't like the outcome. :/
    Back to the drawing board.


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