Friday, January 13, 2012

Joining the Ginger Dwarf Revolution

hammerer painting
Read on, there are much
better paint jobs & photos below...
This is the news.
Paint scheme decided!
Gentleman of the year award awarded!
Hammerers painted!

I purchased a bunch (20 if I remember correctly) of Hammerers a while back. I've since stripped them of their paint with Dettol and completed a few test jobs. I also had that painting day with Mr.Saturday a while back.

Read all about the source for the paint scheme, decisions & adventures abound after the jump. There's some awesome pics for the lazy reader, I'm a considerate host.

First of all, I have to be honest here.
/me raises hands in the air:
This scheme is a carbon copy (well, dropped down a couple of notches on the painting ability scale to where I'm at) of Random Digression Wargamers Clan Blazenbeard (since time of writing the site has been updated to redirect you to YouMagnificentBastards where RobP is regularly posting).
Here's a link to the fantastic Clan Blazeneard.

I love the paint scheme, and couldn't resist it.  I want it.  I have a good few blocks of units to paint, and have been experimenting with a few schemes; this is hands down my favourite. I'm not entering any painting competitions with it, just want to have something that I like on the table. I think this particular scheme could go very well with the Golem unit fillers I have planned. While I've kept this Hammerer's cloth sleves a dark brown, with this scheme I'll also try using the dark reds for cloth materials which I was trying on the miners before.

Gentleman of the year award:
now you too can look into
into the distance while
contemplating matters of import.

Being the polite gentleman that I am, last November ('11) or so I got in touch with RobP to ask him if it would be ok to copy his paint scheme.  (I feel so guilty saying that word, copy. Still, imitation is a form of flattery right?)

I reckon if anyone can join the ginger beard revolution, I can!

To be honest I didn't really expect a response. To my surprise I received more than just a reply - he very generously sent me his painting notes, with full instructions and names of each paint used! Rob wins stand up Gentleman of the year award.

Since then I've been sitting on this post as I wanted to actually have something to show for it.

Here's an early attempt at the Hammerer, Blazinbeards style.
  hammerer painting hammerer painting

I'm not following Rob's scheme to the letter, just using the colours I have - and Army Painter.
I used a matt varnish over the model to remove the army painter shine, and then used a gloss varnish to add the shine back on to the gems and rings.

Ready for some Hammerer pr0n?
Dwarf Hammerers - joining the Ginger Beard Revolution 12-01-2012 01-17-47 Dwarf Hammerers - joining the Ginger Beard Revolution 12-01-2012 01-18-16

My beards are also a slightly different colour, less fiery/slayerish and more blondie red. I used Macharius Solar Orange, which when used with army painter comes out a rather good shade of beard. I've tried highlighting it with a few different yellows (not in pics) but it just didn't look right at all. So compare the solid solar orange to the hammerer on the very left and right, whose beards I used Blazing Orange for. I'm not sure if the solar orange will pull the army together as much as Clan Blazeneard's bright orange beards do, but we'll find out. I like it so far.

Dwarf Hammerers - joining the Ginger Beard Revolution 12-01-2012 01-18-26
Focus on leftmost warrior
Dwarf Hammerers - joining the Ginger Beard Revolution 12-01-2012 01-18-30
Focus on middle warrior

Dwarf Hammerers - joining the Ginger Beard Revolution 12-01-2012 01-19-02
All focused
Dwarf Hammerers - joining the Ginger Beard Revolution 12-01-2012 01-29-33
Shiny Gems and rings
Thanks Rob. I hope they do your colour scheme some justice.


  1. Nice one! They look the biz. At least I know what colour to paint those dwarf beards on my standards...

  2. Looking forward to seeing your next batch of units!

    Rob P

  3. Nice work. I like the choice, and I am also a big fan of the army in question it is a nice ideas tying it all together like that. Nice work.

  4. Very nice, what color did you use for the sleeves and chainmail?

  5. Thanks guys.

    @anonymous: The chainmail is Tin Bitz, and the sleeves were either Gore Red or Scorched Brown. After painting everything was dipped in Army Painters 'Dark Tone'.


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