Friday, February 04, 2011

Dwarf Unit fillers - Golems

I've been thinking about some unit fillers for a while, and couldn't come up with anything I liked. The usual beer/keg related stuff sounded good, but I'm no good with green stuff - and couldn't find any suitable models.

Then I happened upon the idea of Golems. Big honking stone bad asses.
I like it a lot, but I'm not sure it's in line with warhammer 'fluff'.
In fact I'm pretty sure I'm stepping way over the line. Dwarves and Golems...where did I get that idea from. Terry Pratchet? Elder Scrolls Morrowind? There are tonnes of fantasy settings which have this pair up.

Running with the fluff for a minute, Golem's are magic powered right? How about Rune powered...yeah ok Rune powered. I can buy into that.

I asked MrSaturday for a mumble, he seemed to not think it was outside the realm of plausibility in WFB, and pointed me towards these Rune covered lovelies from Hordes:
I was only slightly discouraged by the 'thrown together' look these guys have. The bound together wooden limbs - or the Guardian's roots which grow into his stone forearms don't sit quite right.
On the other hand, they look pretty awesome with the Dwarves...

I picked up a WoldWarden today as a tester to see how it fit size wise.
Perfect. It'll fit on a 40mm base just fine, and it'll physically fit in with the dwarves.

Dwarf Unit Filler
Golem in with the Hammerers

Dwarf Unit Filler
Golem, Hammerers & Dwarf Lord
 & Shield Bearers

What do we think? Are Rune powered Stone Golem's too far outside the Warhammer world?
Do Golem's even exist in the Warhammer world?
Could they have been (re)discovered by a Dwarven hold?


  1. I think the rune-golem idea is epic win. As far as fluff goes, they could be particular to a certain hold, or the knowledge to make them has faded. They will look fantastic in the units. You won't get approved in GW tourneys, but then, meh. The chaos dwarves have inferno golems in the indy GT list, so I don't think it's too much of a stretch to have regular dwarves with them. The army will certainly take on a unique flavour.

  2. It looks pretty decent dude. Makes the unit look unique and impressive. There is discussion that the next Dwarf update might get something like golems, being as all the new books appear to get some new big "creature".

  3. I wonder what the tourney rules are for unit fillers? Not that I ever play in many tourneys - but it's one of my aims for the year - to get my army tourney valid/ready.
    I'm still not sure about the Golem's. I'll paint this guy up and see how it looks in there.

    Kuffeh, I'm terrible at keeping track of updates and the like. Do you know when the next Dwarf update is due? Are they planning on re-designing models and releasing them around the same time as the new book?
    If it's this year, that would stop me from buying too much in cased new units are released.

    The last Dwarf army book / models update was late 6th Edition I believe. Probably 3 or 4 years ago by now?

  4. RedCraig - Most tournaments are fine with unit fillers, but out of politeness for your opponent you could discuss it with them. Explaining how many model it represents.

    Dwarfs are not due for some time. There are several armies that need updating before us. Wood Elves, Ogre Kingdoms, Tomb Kings and Bretonnians all deserve it more. So don't expect to see anything any time soon.

    It was the last 6th ed book released, yeah. My book was printed 2005, so about 6yrs old now.

  5. Did you see the new ork book? There's some huge dwarven ancestor statues and they look a bit... animated to me. Plus a lightning generator.

    Oh, and try the barrels from Eureka.

    You might have to email them about the barrels though because I can't for the life of me find them on the website. There's several sizes, and they're not hugely detailed, lacking woodgrain etc, but they look rad painted up.

  6. Hey V, I found the pic you're talking about (on p7 right?). The lightning generator looks like a flying stone Zeppelin firing a full broadside of cannon!

    The front ancestor statue looks like it has a mouth full of cannons which are firing, lending it the firey light - so I'd say that the front one is definitely a huge statue which they've placed cannons in.

    The second statue now, that could well be a different story. It's smaller (yep, far away) but it has a bunch of runes along it's shoulders and face which are glowing. It looks pretty damn awesome actually. Thanks for pointing it out!

    I couldn't find the barrel's you were talking about on the Eureka site. I'll send them an email, but likely after I get the Golem's done eh? :)


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