Thursday, February 03, 2011

Volley : Firing in ranks > 2

In any shooting unit, the front two ranks can fire, so straight away that means gunlines are more compact.
It also means those nicely based up units of mine, which are one rank deep by 5 models wide have annoyingly become non-ideal. Time for some new unit bases.

So, Volley.

At this rate I'm going to start tagging these with : YATIMI8ED
(Yet Another Thing I Missed In 8th Ed.)

p78: Volley

Ranks further back than 2 can also fire, but only half the remaining models (rounded up) in the rest of the unit may do so - to represent the inaccuracy I'd imagine.

From the FAQ:
Q: If I have a unit of 20 archers, 5 files wide and 4 ranks deep, how many shots would I get using the Volley Fire special rule? Would it be 15 (first two ranks plus half of the remaining models, rounding up) or 16 (first two ranks plus half of each rank, rounding up)?(p78)
A:15 shots.

Only units which have this special rule can use it - and here I was hoping that my Quarrellers would be able to volley.

/me checks Dwarf FAQ...

I wonder what units do have the Volley ability.
The rulebooks weapons have Bow/Long Bow/Short Bow, still no dwarven usable weapons.

Ah well. Perhaps it was too much to dream of a horde unit of Quarreller Rangers equipped with great weapons, volley firing while enemies surged towards them.

Nope, not a Horde without Volley.


  1. YATIMI8ED eh? Well, that rule was news to me certainly. Quite the rules mining there, good stuff Red The Craig.

  2. I really like this rule, it's very fitting - in a masses of arrows filling the sky type of thing.


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