Saturday, February 12, 2011

Norse Dwarfs

Found them while google imaging around for warhammer dwarfs.
Anyone got any idea where I could get my mitts on these?
Sure they wouldn't be tournament legal, but they look great. I especially love the dude at the back left, with the huge grey beard, little short sword/dagger held aloft and the sleeve hanging from his arm.

After some googling around it looks like they might be some of these guys from wargamesfoundry, but I'm not 100% sure - I can't see the few of the miniatures above in any of the wargamesfoundry stuff.


  1. I quite like the snow basing on these guys. Must figure out how to do that.

  2. They could be these:

    GW used to do Norse, and Norse dwarves. Great looking unit indeed. Is there an item that can give a dwarf unit frenzy? It would be nicely appropriate.


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