Friday, February 11, 2011

Half price sale on GW stuff

Bamba had a half price sale on GW stock

I couldn't stop taking things off the shelf. I phoned a friend for help, but he just encouraged me to buy more! Damn your eyes.
I picked up some Orc and Goblin units, which hopefully when put together with my old Skull Pass box will give me the bare bones of an Orc and Goblin army. I'll still have to pick up characters, some rock lobbers, and some core infantry blocks. I have a few night goblins units, but I reckon I'll definitely need some chunky Orcs.

Always had a fancy for playing the O&G's, something to do with being the mortal enemies of the Dwarves maybe.
I've already got a Wood Elf army, which I haven't played with 8th Ed rules yet. I had always played them as super manoeuvrable and with no blocks! Not owning any core block units makes me think they'd fare very badly in 8th.

As if I didn't already have enough Dwarf units to build and paint...

Update [13:12 11/02/11]: I should have said, the sale is at a local toy store, Banba. They're selling off all of their GW stock.  Including paints, brushes, books etc - not a massive selection, but enough for me to buy all of the above. Apparently they're not going to sell GW stuff any more, hence the sell off.


  1. Look at all that goodness, it's making my mouth water. I can see me dryads at the back there. There's nothing like a bargain...

    The orcs I can understand, ESPECIALLY the trolls, but the daemons? That was pure impulse shopping dude.

  2. No no, I've actually had buying some of those Bloodthirsters of Khorne in mind for a while. I just love the models and wanted to have a bash at painting one up.

  3. That is quite the horde of minis. A good going with all this. I am of the same opinion about the orcs, that is the next army I plan to paint for Fantasy.

  4. Aw man would that local stores here offered that sort of deal


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