Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Dwarf bases are boring

Dwarf Miners
It's not a great photo, 
but you get the point.
That is to say, when I've finished painting a model I try and make the base look well. Usually this is a light layer of sand (mixed grain size). It doesn't completely cover the base. Add some rocks . Cover with Graveyard Earth, paint any stones the relevant grey shades, then army painter the lot.
Add grass (Army Painter's Highland Tuft is my current favourite).
Then snow parts of it up.

BAM. Done. Put a pin in it.

And, I'm quite happy with them generally. They look good (such modesty!).


my main issue is that there's isn't much space left on a dwarf base after gluing the actual dwarf model to it.
I recently bought the fantasy hero basing kit from GW. It has a bunch of interesting bits, but most of them are pretty damn big when you're trying to fit them on a 20mm x 20mm base which already has a chunky dwarf on it.
I reckon the same goes for the army painter fantasy basing bits, not enough space.

Dwarf models are difficult to pose in an interesting manner as well. You can't tilt them or place things under their feet unless the models are made to stand in that pose.

Have any of you had any better luck? Any suggestions?


  1. I think this can be a problem with the stunties. Having recently joined the ranks of dwarf generals, albeit spiky chaos ones, this is something I'm going to have to overcome myself. I think one of the ways to deal with the lack of space under the dwarf for scenic basing, giving the model some height might help. Put them on a piece of cork, slate or something else, and place the points of interest on that. Plants, snow, broken armour and so on, or the ever present skulls. Skulls must be a huge problem in the warhammer world. To look at the bases, there must be about half a dozen skulls per square foot of ground.

  2. Hmm, sorry, don't get it.
    If you place the dwarf model on a raised piece of scenery, that piece has to be the size of the base or smaller. So there still won't be any more space on the raised piece than on the base - in which case there's till the same problem?

    No kidding, my Dwarf Lord can't get out bed without treading on skulls of some description.

  3. Yep, the piece the dwarf is standing on is taken up, but as the piece of rock/wood/flesh he is on has a few mm of height, there may be nooks and crannies that you can put cool bits on. OR pin the model onto the afore-mentioned cool bit altogether. Dwarf lord standing on big skull pile, anyone?

  4. It can be hard to find decent bases for the dwarfs. They do, as you said, tend to look bland due to lack of space.

    You can get around this in a few ways. One is like Mr Saturday said, raise them up. Give a bit of height to the base and you can try to squeeze some bits on there. Another way I have seen is to use the regiment bases. I think GW still sell them, it was/is, a long base with enough room for four - five models on it. Space them out and you should have some room between the minis to put some little bits here and there.

  5. Regiment bases eh? Interesting idea. It's rare I take the front row from a unit in melee - they usually flee first.

  6. i.e. regiment bases could totally work :)

  7. The only way to get around this is my putting multiple dwarves on unit filler/communal bases. That way you eliminate the space wasted in the groove between bases. It's a small amount of additional space but over a unit of 20 or 30 dwarves it'll make the difference. 40 x 40 bases should do the trick. So long as you have a decent amount of dwarves still on individual bases (3 min) you'll be able to shuffle to remove casualties.


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