Wednesday, February 23, 2011

YATIMI8ED: Casualties are taken from the back

When looking into order of striking recently I realised I hadn't covered the whole 'casualties are taken from the back' thing in 8th ed just yet.

Removing Casualties (p5)
...casualties are taken from the back of the unit

Sounds simple.

Nurgle core troops are
hard bastards.
For example, a unit is charged, it has Great Weapon's so it strikes last. Then chargers kill the ENTIRE front
two ranks - normally by 7th ed rules the GW unit DOES NOT get any hits back - not any more.

IF that GW unit has enough figures left, and they are in contact with the chargers then they get to roll to hit.

If have 5 ranks, and the entire 2 front ranks die in the first round of combat, you still have 3 ranks and they all get to attack.

This means the weaker horde units (Skaven Slaves) will be able to hit back in any given round of combat - assuming they have some actual models left.

It also means a horde of weaker troops can withstand and possibly beat (with steadfast) elite troops, when numbers are on their side. Gone are the days when elite troops could wipe out the majority of the weaker units front rank thereby denying them returning attacks.

Also gone are the days of the heavy cavalry charge - it may indeed wipe out the front rank of your unit, but the front two ranks? Unlikely. Even if it does, you should have more ranks waiting to wade in and do some damage.

All the more reason to carry a horde or two to any given battle.

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