Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Post Bastardcon 4 & the Battle Reports pile high

I haven't posted in a week. Been playing WFB, almost every day.
Last week:
  • 2000 vs Skaven, clan rat heavy (3 blocks of 50 clan rats) 
  • 2000 against another Dwarf Army
Bcon poster 4 for web
What could possibly describe gamers better
than a monkey knife fight?
Then last weekend I played in a small 2000 point tourney (BastardCon4) against:
  • Empire (grr steamtank grr)
  • High Elves
  • Beastmen
Now, before you get excited about another 'con' in Ireland, it's just a bunch of mates renting a function room and playing WFB. It's not rated. It's for bragging rights only. For fun. We try not to rule monger, but we like to at least try to do things right. The 'con' part is definitely self aggrandisement. :)

So, we finished off the tourney with a massive 16,000 point battle. Yes, you read that right.
4v4, 2000 points each. Good versus evil. Played a scenario (basically a modified battle for the pass with 3 watchtowers which must be defended) from the back of the rulebook, which put team evil at a disadvantage as it would take turns to get across the table to us. Their advantage was that any core unit completely wiped out or fled off the table could come back on from any table quarter edge that they dominated - reinforcements. One of the the most awesome moment I've seen in warhammer, was when the Chaos Dwarf Hellcannon (it's a fantastic earth shaker model) misfired, ripping apart any mind connected to the warp thereby causing all wizards on the entire table to miscast. Queue miniature detonations, wounds and worst case a wizard being sucked into the warp. Absolutely hilarious. And awesome.

After that weekend you'd think I'd have had enough, but no. I played another just yesterday evening against a different Dwarf army, at 2400 points.

So many battle reports so little time.
  • The Skaven one I should have lost, but boy did he have some bad luck.
  • The Dwarf one I got schooled. F minus. FAIL. Click.
  • The Empire is one I'll definitely want to do some analysis on, I lost it 11-9. 
  • The High Elves was an interesting one, we both had just lost a game and played very cagey - unwilling to commit to any long term relation ships, because let's face it. How could a high elf like you and a dwarf like me ever make it in this crazy crazy world? Wait, no. I mean we didn't commit any units for fear of rejection. Wait, no. For fear of losing the points.
  • The Beastmen: we rolled battle for the pass and played lengthways on the table, which obviously suited my WarMachines - even though I only had 3.  My WarMachines made mincemeat out of them. Anyone for beastmen kidney pie? With a side of crushed chariot?
    In fairness, my cannon was laser targeted, and I think the Grudge Thrower only missed once - so I was definitely lucky.
  • The second Dwarf match, well, I learned from the first. Hammerers are what you build your army around. I used a slightly modified list from what I took at the tourney last weekend, added some miners and a sprig of Anvil with the extra 400 points.
    I was worried starting off, facing off against two 35 strong blocks of GW warriors, and a block of 28 Hammerers. He had an Anvil, and an extra Grudge Thrower on me.
    Luckily my main blocks deployed (mostly) out of range of the GTs. It all came down to some hammerer on hammerer action, followed up by a triple charge of warriors (35), warrior(35), and miners(15) into the front & flank of my Hammerers.
    I thought I was royally goosed, but the superior stat line & horde formation of the Hammerers really saved me.
    Hitting on 3+, wounding on 2+ is a massive difference to hitting on 4+ and wounding on 3+.
    About 16 wounds to 6's worth of difference.
I have many photos which will wing their digital way to this blog soon.


  1. Wow, you're fairly glutting on the warhammer there, eh? That hellcannon misfire was legendary. I was so proud.

  2. Yeah, gonna take a break for a week or two. Maybe get some painting done eh?
    I think the hellcannon misfire really saved Team Good, it was looking very *very* bad up until then. Cannon's couldn't hit anything, stone throwers not doing enough damage etc.etc. I think I want to have your Hellcannon's babies. You have to add something to the base/paint job to signify/represent the almighty misfire...

  3. Well, ye did roll three one's to wound in the first round against it with three cannon shots. Hashut was watching out for me there. I'm tempted to take two hellcannons, but I might just drop the bolt throwers and plunp for an earthshaker.

  4. How about adding a collapsed cannon to the base of the earthshaker? Or a cannon broken in half, or maybe a bunch of cannon balls lying around dug into the ground which 'bounced' off the earthshaker.

    I've heard folks & podcasts lamenting the value of bolt throwers in 8th. I'm still convinced they're worth it. No armour save? Goodbye steam tank & 1+ armour save knights. Nice damage to Hydras and other monsters too, provided they hit of course.

  5. Yeah. I think you need a battery of about four though. That's 140 points, so not too bad I guess.

    I'll need an arachnarok size base for my earthshaker, so definitely scenic base time.


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