Monday, March 21, 2011

Hatred & Eternal Hatred

Hatred p71 BRB: all misses during the first round of combat
...sometimes a model will hate a specific foe i.e. Hatred(Dwarfs)

which also means if you have Hatred without a specific foe, you hate everyone.

AFAIK  this was the same in 7th Edition.

Eternal Hatred p43 in 7th Ed Dark Elves Army Book:
...hates all opposing models...
...when fighting High Elves, Dark Elves may re-roll in every round of combat

I always assumed Eternal Hatred meant hatred, but you re-roll every round of combat against whomever you hate. It's Eternal dammit!
But no, Eternal Hatred means you hate everyone, and only get the re-rolls every round against High Elves.

Every gorram unit in the DE book has Eternal Hatred except for:
Cold Ones
Dark Pegasus
Dark Steed
Black Dragon

The DE book also states that Hatred also applies to mounts as long their riders are alive.

Mental note: Dwarves hate Greenskins.

Hatred is awesome. For instance, I hate spiders so I get to re-roll when trying to trap them in a glass.


  1. You'd need that re-roll in my house. We get spiders that, if you could trap and train, would be the right scale to use as a goblin spider rider mounts. Imagine the coolness.

    We had one living behind the dryer we called Barry. He was gagantimornous. He would turn his head to LOOK AT YOU.

  2. Oh yes, there's also infinite hatred for vampires. That's where you get the re-rolls every round. Hooplah!

  3. Infinite Hatred eh? bloody hell. You guys get all the fun stuff.


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