Monday, March 21, 2011

Rune of Slowness

The Rune of Slowness.
In 7th, if you charged you struck first in combat - so getting the charge in was important. In this case your enemy missing a charge was pretty important.
In 8th, I want to get into combat. I'm happy if you charge me. I'm not going to hit first anyway with my crappy Dwarf initiative of 2, or with my Great Weapons. Fine, take your +1 CR for charging - you're giving me the chance to do damage in hand to gland combat all the sooner.

But then I got to thinking, where would this Rune actually be useful in 8th ed.
I'm going to say, with a caveat, gun line armies.

With the gun line you want the enemy to take as many turns of fire as possible, to maximise your bang for buck. If you're all spread out though, the enemy can still charge whatever unit takes their fancy.

The caveat I would say then, is it might only be useful with the castling gunline army (is there any other?).
Give it to an infantry block (or two? with multiples of the rune, you roll a die for each rune and choose the best result) and move the infantry block in front of your grudge throwers the turn before you expect a charge, making sure you block the line of sight / charge line to the GT's.
The GT's can still do indirect fire over your own blocks - except it's more likely to scatter.
If the RoSlowness works you might just squeeze off another turn of shooting against a unit or two.

The Rune of Challenge could also be useful here for redirecting chargers to your infantry block that would otherwise have been charging your lovely war machines. Unfortunately it feels like everyone and their mother is Immune to Psychology these days, making this Rune useless.
"Now go away, or I shall taunt you for a second time!"

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