Thursday, March 31, 2011

Avatars of War - Dwarf Beserkers

Dwarf Beserkers are available for pre order.
20 models in the unit, including full command, for €25 - compare that to GW's average of 16 plastic models including full command for €30.
The berserker's are also very customisable, which means they'll be more work to put together - but customisable is good in my book.

I ordered two sets, not for the free shipping or because I have plans for a slayer army, but because I want to support these guys. They make awesome figures, and it's got to be tough entering a market completely dominated by GW. GW even enforce only GW models in GW tourneys. I've never played in one myself, and that's why. I'm not going to start griping about GW because in my opinion they've done a fantastic job with 8th edition.

By the by, I never have any luck with slayers - they're like death magnets.
Yes I know they're supposed to seeking death in the fluff, but it'd be nice if they killed something first before dying themselves. They really need a ward save or something.

What's that? What about Mantic Dwarfs you say?
Well I played against a dwarf army with a warrior block of mantic dwarfs a few nights ago. They're a tad bigger in scale than the GW models, both in height and girth. I say a tad, but I found it to be quite noticeable.
Actually I hope that's not an issue with the Avatars of War ones...they do say 20mm bases on their site. Whereas I couldn't find any figure sizings listed on the Mantic site - though I'm sure they are there.

Having said all that, I wish I'd known about the Mantic Dwarf offers like Grafe's Iron Legion being such value for money, before I heavily invested in my GW minis.


  1. Heh, 'seeking death in the fluff' makes it sound like they're diving into a swimming pool filled with fluffy cotton wool.

  2. I'm very excited about these guys, as they look heavy enough to make good conversion parts for my boar centaurs...

  3. Check out this link mate its a full review of the various alternative Dwarf miniatures including AoW.

  4. Wow, quite the selection. I was looking at all the pictures thinking...hrm...all of these different companies are making the same dwarf. Is that even possible? Why would they do that?
    Then I realised, it was literally the same dwarf model added in for scale! hah. long day.

  5. I bought one and it's so beautiful <3 ^^
    with Dwarf Lord of Chaos and Dwarf Thunderlord

  6. @avatar of war: Mine arrived last month, I also picked up a few characters - thunderlord was one. I must post about it, I agree with you, they're amazing figures.


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