Friday, April 01, 2011

The Golem's Leg arrived

Time passed. The lichen growth had reached it's one knee, as it sat in the deep dark waiting for it's makers to return and finish their work. 
It contemplated it's lonely fate. Memories of battlefields past, pained screams, the sound of bone crunching. What it remembered most was the clouds, floating peacefully overhead.What it knows is the strength of stone, the heat of metal, and the deepest dark only illuminated by molten rock.
It would be needed again. Until then, it would wait, guarding, beneath the mountain.

That missing left leg, was delivered by Gifts for Geeks with only one email request, and one reminder. Good on them for not forcing me to chase them up and start spamming them with email every week.

This particular leg is for the Wold Watcher, which seems smaller than the other Orobos Guardians. Hopefully it'll look fine in a unit at twice the height of a dwarf.
That or it'll be the little redhead scrappy-doo of the golem bunch.

It also came with a random arm holding a shield. I have no idea why, it definitely doesn't belong on the Golem. In summary, free bits!


  1. Cool stuff. At least it'll give me inferno golems something to swing at.




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