Wednesday, June 29, 2011 bannery widgiteroo

I'm sure it's old news to the rest of the steam powered interwebs, but I chanced upon this while wandering the dark corners of MrSatsMumblings (there are no light corners there). 
I signed up, decided upon an army name using a Khazalid Lexicon and entered Karak Az.
Google has no (or few) mentions of 'Karak Az' or 'KarakAz' or 'Karak-Az', but I'm sure it's well taken, as no doubt I'll be educated in the comments for this post!

I added some of my recent history at BCon5, and away we go.

Initially I had some issues with BattleReporter, I think that someone had previously entered RedCraig as an opponent, who never signing up to the site, I inherited their battle history - which was amusing, it was all 40k.
The Dwarves of Karak Az vs Imperial Guard! Dwarves win, woo!

Way to go on the unique usernames there lads.
I PM'd an admin type in the forum and he fixed it quick sharp. Fair dues to them.

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