Monday, January 30, 2012

We Hammerers Three

Reinforcements trickle in.
(Click me, I'm awesome!)
Short and sweet. Got three more Hammerers done last week. It's taking me far too long per figure to get them done, especially considering I'm using army painter. Probably about 3 hours per fig. I know! Just what am I doing for 3 hours? I don't know either. I'll keep track next time.

To add slightly more salt to the wound, I haven't finished these guys bases. No grass, no highland tufts, no snow; but at least they're porridged and coloured.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Golem Colour Choice

Dah'linc! Do tell me,
just which is my good side?
I painted two of the armour plate sections on the Megalith. I'm keeping to the same palette as the Dwarves, metals and warm earthy colours.

While I like the TinBitz on the left more, I think I'm actually going to go with the stone greys of the right hand plate. I'll definitely be keeping the burnished gold trim on all the plates.

The reason I'll go with...

Monday, January 23, 2012

Hammerer paint stripping

I'm a duplicate of the next pic,
I'm just here so the blogroll has
a pretty picture when displayed
on other blogs.
<Vincent Price voiceover> LOOK AT THEM...THEY'RE HIDEOUS!
Come visit our travelling circus of Ebay purchases! Cheap (if you're lucky), but more work.
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hammerer painting
hammerer painting
That's right boys, into the Dettol with you!
My favourite way to deal with these is a bath in 60% Dettol + 40% water (the ratio doesn't matter too much, just don't drink it) for a day or two. In this case I got lazy and left them in there for 2 weeks.

Generally speaking it strips super-glue(after 2 weeks it does!), so you'll have to re-glue bases and shields and what not.

And away we go.

hammerer painting

The dettol turns the paint somewhat gloopy, and very sticky. Wear rubber gloves and do your best to wash that stuff off, it sticks to everything so an outside tap is preferable. An old toothbrush will help a lot if you have one.

The Hammerers emerged from their ordeal absolutely stinking of dettol, but perfectly usable.

Hammerers post dettol
That's right my luvlies, you rest up. We'll get you painted and as good 
as new in no time. Well, probably quite some time.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Moar Golems

I've finally got my paint station in place again. It's always that bit of an extra impediment to painting if everything isn't just ready to go.

In other news I got the Megalith pinned and based a while back. Thanks for the help Mr.Saturday - you popped my pinning cherry.
More pics await...

Friday, January 13, 2012

Joining the Ginger Dwarf Revolution

hammerer painting
Read on, there are much
better paint jobs & photos below...
This is the news.
Paint scheme decided!
Gentleman of the year award awarded!
Hammerers painted!

I purchased a bunch (20 if I remember correctly) of Hammerers a while back. I've since stripped them of their paint with Dettol and completed a few test jobs. I also had that painting day with Mr.Saturday a while back.

Read all about the source for the paint scheme, decisions & adventures abound after the jump. There's some awesome pics for the lazy reader, I'm a considerate host.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fluff: Dire Maneuvers

CampaignHammer :
Year 3, Month 1.
I'm still playing the campaign over on CampaignHammer. Thanks mainly to getting fugged by the chaos storm positioning and some crafty spell casting of the Ogre's, my deployments were spread far and wide. The Ogre's had (locally) outnumbered my fleets and were likely going to be carting over multiple banners to my island (well, the island that's in contention).

Interested in a little bit of analysis followed by some fluff I wrote on CampaignHammer? Then read on.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Got Warhammer Android App Ideas?

FeedHammer News App
I have to write and publish an Android app for a course I'm doing, I need some ideas.  It can be Warhammer related, or perhaps a board game aid. If you think it might be useful, then I want to hear it.

This is a quick look around at some apps which already exist, and a short list of ideas I've had.

Do you want a SpaceHulk app? A Diceroller app? Then let me know.

Last played board game of 2011

Space Hulk
"Ezekiel? Lt. Gorman doesn't know what he's doing...we're fugged",
muttered Azrael under his breath.
The last board game I played in 2011 was...Space Hulk!
I have had this in the gaming cupboard for a while now, and not played it. I'm not sure why. I have never played it before, and have never even played a previous edition. 
Anyway, looking for a quick game of something myself and a mate cracked it out (I had already spent a full day removing flashing and gluing models together for it).

It's greyyyyt. Man what a game...