Friday, June 24, 2011


At the last BCon there I had forgotten to print my army list - and on the second day we had no printer.
We're big on Army Builder you see, I guess too many (genuinely innocent!) mistakes have been made in the past. It's a great tool.

I created the army list and output it to PDF, slapped that sucker into dropbox which my phone could read. One easy access army list.
"Bah, smart phones!" you say. Meh, smoke em if you got em.

One of the others in attendance had been doing a similar thing, downloading his army list to his kindle. If one were to find oneself with a PDF of the BRB which had full text, putting that on your kindle would mean a searchable rule book. It'd be hella smaller than dragging the massive hardback version of the rule book. I should really invest in one of those A5 rulebooks, see if I could fine one on ebay.

I heart gadgets.
If I were a Dwarf, I'd be an engineer.

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  1. I always keep my tablet around when gaming, PDF's ready for viewing. :)


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