Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fantasy MathHammer is 4th!

When I published Fantasy MathHammer(FMH) to Google Play, if you searched for 'warhammer' you'd find FMH about half way down the second page, which means it ranked in about 36th place.

If you search for 'warhammer' in google play now FMH is FOURTH!
Great success. \o/

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fantasy MathHammer: Empire updated to 8th

I've just updated and uploaded v0.30 "RTGamer Edition" to the market. It'll take a wee bit for google to push it live.
I bought the Empire 8th ed rule book this afternoon, and have had a busy last few hours. :)
The Empire now have 8th ed rules.

Do keep in mind though, that the app isn't finished, and doesn't handle _all_ the WFB rules just yet. A big one for the empire is that cavalry mounts don't get attacks yet in the app, so demigryphs might seem under powered.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fantasy MathHammer: App Market Stats

Fantasy MathHammer has been on the market since April 25th, which makes it nearly a month.
How's it doing? Let's have a look see.

Total number of installs: 538

Total user installs by country
Total active device installs: 316 
Active installs means installs that are still on a mobile phone.

At first glance, you might think I should be disheartened.
"Oh Craig, that's not very many!" 
"Nay I say to thee!"
Why? A few reasons.

First and foremost, THERE ARE THREE HUNDRED AND SIXTEEN people using something I made, and they consider it worth keeping on their phone past the initial try. How awesome is that? Put them all in a room, and 316 is a lot of people. Pretty freaking awesome.

Second: feedback like this blows my mind (thanks Gojira) and makes it all worth while.

Third: I haven't really been advertising it, I've only posted on a few forums about it, and a few kind bloggers have posted about it, thanks!
The Grumpy Stunty

Fourth: Development had to stop for a few weeks while I had to study/complete some exams - so no updates or armies, or posting about it on forums for the last 4 weeks. Out of 538 installs, 316 people (58%) have kept it on their phones, considering it has but 6 armies out of all the Warhammer armies, that's a good percentage.

By the by, the armies it currently has are:
  • Dark Elves
  • Dwarfs
  • Empire (6th!? updating to 8th is now next on my list)
  • High Elves
  • Ogres (8th)
  • Vampire Counts (8th)

What now?
Orcs and Goblins are up next, along with optional equipment for units (spears, shields etc.).
Onwards and upwards!