Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Campaign's End - CampaignHammer fluff

Some Dwarf vs Undead fluff over on CampaignHammer.
We decided to end the campaign at the end of year 7.

The Undead faction battles to hold the city and keep it's outright win condition of five cities at the end of a year, while my Dwarves fight only for stubborness' sake. There's no way for me to win the overall campaign with three capital cities, but I'll pay back a grudge or two by trying to stop the undead.

Check it out.

Monday, October 07, 2013

Pirate Dwarves - Black Scorpion Miniatures

Must. Not. Click. Buy.
Love the stone hammer, and the tricorne!

I have enough to be painting, and no time to paint! But they're so awesome. I couldn't find what scale they are on, but they look 25 or 28mm.

In fact, all of their fantasy pirate range is gorgeous. This one makes me want to start playing undead!

Saturday, October 05, 2013

long-cut undercoat

Buoyed by my previous success with army painter undercoat I picked up the barbarian skin colour of spray paint undercoat. I have a tonne of unpainted slayers, so figured I could short cut the paint time and make them skin coloured.

Unfortunately I was so busy concentrating on making sure they were fully coated -  trying to ensure each little slightly hidden armpit and crevasse has some undercoat - that I caked them in the spray paint.
My phone camera is a bit rubbish,
the colour is not the shade it appears to be.

Really, far far too much paint. It went on evenly, and didn't stipple, but I put so much on it obscured model details.

I now have two models in dettol to strip them of the paint - I hope! I'm not even sure it'll work on the spray paint, which is why I put in only two of the worst.
So much for shortcuts.

The skin coloured spray paint might still be a good shortcut if I'm much more careful next time, but I think that I'll not be able to spray enough on to ensure a proper skin coating. We'll see once the dettol strips the two models.