Tuesday, June 28, 2011

GF9 Tokens for WFB

I picked these up today in passing at GamersWorld, impulse buy. I quite like them.
Gone are the days of scraps of white paper littering the table with 'Blood Forest' or 'Abyssal Wood'. They have named each and every one of them them slightly differently, for instance 'Blood Forest' is on the token as 'Bloody Forest', and 'Fungus Forest'  is on the token as 'Fungal Woods'.

They're made well, they have a perspex layer on top of the printed image, so they have a bit of weight and substance when you pick them up. The backs are felted. A bit on the expensive side I suppose, but a thumbs up from me.

Mysterious Waters Markers

Mysterious Woods Markers

Fantasy General's Token Set

Click on the pictures to follow through to the product page on gf9, where the potentiality of embiggening exists.

Unfortunately, GF9 don't seem to have an offering for Arcane Architecture or Mystical Monuments.


  1. I saw these when writing this post (http://the-tradingpost.blogspot.com/2011/06/gaming-aidstokens.html), I can see people getting some use out of this.

  2. Awesome going to have to order some of those

  3. Kuffeh: nice article, I'm obviously in the token camp too :)
    In general it's a memory issue for me, but also that those scraps of white paper with 'venom wood' scribbled on them really take away from the battlefield.

    I got some use out of the tokens last night actually. I think I might base them and stand them up. Lying down they serve their purpose, but I think it would be easy to forget them and leave lying around your local store.


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