Monday, April 30, 2012

Fantasy MathHammer v0.2 updated

Version 0.2 is up on the market now.
It's fulla spicy meatball goodness! I've added those good for nothing pointy eared untrustworthy High elves, and some axis of eville Vampire Counts. I noticed that the majority of the armies I'd added to date were good guys, so thought I should start changing that. :)

- HighElves.
- Vampire Counts

Added Special Rule handling for:
- Speed of Asuryan, also added logic to allow units with ASF and higher initiative to reroll missed hits.
- Martial Prowess for HighElves
- Valour of Ages for HighElves
- Nagarythe Hatred for HighElves
- ETERNAL HATRED for Dark Elves.
- Shields 6+ ward save.
- STEADFAST handling

Fixed: Rank bonus is now limited to +3 max.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

This Dwarf is going to Brocon

I registered for BroCon last week, it's on July 20-22nd in UL in Luimneach, my home town (also where these somewhat more famous boyos are from). So far only one other of the CampaignHammer crowd are coming along (/boo hiss shame).

Still, should be good craic. I haven't played in a tournament before, I was always worried that my army wasn't painted, or wasn't fully WYSIWYG (things like a warrior block doesn't have great weapons, but they do on my list). I'm assured that this isn't as important for Brocon, neither is a fully painted army, though you are marked for the quality of paint of your army and these points count towards your final standing.

If I'm loosing from the get go (I definitely don't have time to get everything I need painted), I figure I'll just be in for the fun of it.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Fantasy MathHammer: HElves and more

Lots done tonight on Fantasy MathHammer (that's getting to be a mouthfull), biggest part of which was adding the High Elves!
I do try to listen when folks ask for stuff (the 3rd comment). :)

# TODO: [Done] Vampire Counts
# TODO: [Done] HighElves
# TODO: [Done] Rank bonus gives more than +3, need to limit it to 3.
# TODO: [Done] STOMP should happen very last in a round of combat. At the moment
#       it happens after the ogres attack, but before ASL goes.
# TODO: [Done] add STEADFAST
# TODO: [Done] add shield gives 6+ ward save
# TODO: [Done] Dark elves, eternal hatred

I have a TODO list to get through before updating the app in the market, tonight is a good 75% of it.

It's amusing that the thing that took the most time to implement, test and debug, was Eternal Hatred. I started it thinking: "ah it'll be easy. I just have to handle to hit the first turn only...only for Dark Elves (or anyone who has Eternal Hatred). Oh, and don't forget to apply it every turn if they're facing High Elves." 

Would a kind soul tell me how many wide monstrous infantry need to be to have a rank? I reckon it's 3, and I'm too tired and cross-eyed to check.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

FantasyMathHammer: Vampire Counts on the way

Fantasy MathHammer,
an add free warhammer android app
I added Vampire Counts to the code-base tonight.

Unfortunately they don't really work without some core rules like Unbreakable, Unstable and Fear.

I'll be adding these soon, then pushing a new version out.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fantasy MathHammer Android App

Fantasy MathHammer
Fantasy MathHammer, an android app.
Get it here.
It's free, and has no annoying pop up advertisements.

It simulates combat between units of your choice, and lets you know the result of 10 repeated combats.

I don't play Warhammer all that often. I have no idea if my unit of 30 Dwarf Warriors will get eaten alive by those 9 Ironguts, or if they're really just big wusses. This app will at least give me an idea.

I'm still working on it, at the moment it has 4 armies. More coming soon. If you have suggestions let me know, I'm more than happy to add things in.

Here's some screen shots.

Monday, April 02, 2012

Battle Report: Battle at Creeping Caves

"Rawr. I am angry and fighty."
I'm playing in a long term Warhammer Campaign. We get together to play the important battles, last weekend I played a game against the Ogres.

I've just written up a fairly lengthy battle report over on CampaignHammer.

In reality it only seems long. There are lots of pictures in the report for you easily bored people, and the highlights are bullet pointed in short punchy sentences.

There's also a brief 'the story so far' at the start, so you know how important the battle is to both sides.