Tuesday, August 28, 2012

FMH v0.65 - Beastmen of Gojiranotronia

Version 0.65 is out. Get it here.

Wow, I really wasn't lying in my last post when I said that positive feedback is my development jamba juice.
I spotted this review as I was about to log off and head to bed.
"Currently I give it 5 stars because the UI is lovely and it's really easy and quick to use. Far better than a regular warhammer calculator especially for during games and quick things. If you add Beastmen I will give you 10 million stars."

Dwarven eyes twinkle while imagining TEN MILLION STARS OF WEALTH.

It's now jaysuschristoclock, and I'm off to bed after a productive few hours - the Beastmen are in, and I pushed it to the market place.

I hope I didn't break anything in the app with my frenzied coding and lax testing standards...there is only one of me after all.

1 comment:

  1. Make an iPhone version, and I will give you chest of solid gromril stars the likes of which would drive you to your knees with unfettered wantage.


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