Tuesday, August 14, 2012

FantasyMathHammer v0.55 - Brettonians added

FMH - now with 100% more
Brettonian flavour.
Another update, this one adds the Brettonians to the app, bringing the grand total to 10 armies out of 16.

Get it here. The market should have updated with the new version within the hour.

Be warned ye Brett players. The app doesn't yet handle lances on the charge, or 'The Grail Vow' which gives Grail Knights Immune to Psychology. It will in the next update.

I'll get there (to 16 armies that is), but gosh darn it it's a lot of work to add a new army.
Bed time now. nn o/


  1. I'm yet to actually use this, but I can see it being really useful. Especially with tournament players. Nice work!

  2. Cheers Kuffeh, I appreciate the support :)


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