Friday, August 10, 2012

FantasyMathHammer v0.51 'ColdBlooded Ed.' released

Can now specify a General's higher
leadership  to use for a unit.
Now with added Lizardmen, and a slew of bugfixes.
Get it here.
There are a few big changes which I'd like to highlight:
  • Lizardmen!
  • Mounts now get attacks. They didn't previously, so if your Demigryph knights seemed underpowered, it's because they were. This required a bunch of work for all existing armies so that their mounts now fight properly (DE/HE/VC/Ogres/Empire).
  • The ability to use a "general's" leadership, and override your units leadership. This should be useful for those skaven slave units, or other porridge units which have low leadership.
  • UI Guide:
    The app now attempts to guide you through the process. Once you've selected two units, the UI will jump to the next screen to choose unit numbers. If you change the unit size and front rank size of both units, the UI will jump forward to the unit options screen.
  • The back button works on all screens now! I'm sure it was amazingly annoying to everyone, that previously the back button quit the app. Sawwwry about that. It should be working hunkey dorey now.
The full change-list:
New bits:
- Added Lizardmen
- mounts now get their attacks against enemy units
- use General's leadership
- updated to Kivy version 1.3
- made the unit picker UI text size larger, should be easier to pick units now
- back button now works
- UI guides you through process
- tree node press vibrates
- accordion press vibrates
- scaly skin armour values
- put unit numbers in fight button & result box
- update popup
  - show popup with latest updates list
  - option to never show popup on start up again, but it's accessible via menu screen

- hammerers and other units were getting shields (and a ward save) allocated to them by mistake
- stop model numbers buttons from turning off if pressed again
- Phoenix guard get their 4+ ward save now.
- fixed a bug where if the front rank equalled the max num models that could hit in that unit, then the front rank wasn't counted.
- if difference between strength and toughness was MORE than 2, it fell through the if/else check, and defaulted to a roll of 4 to wound.
- limit number of melee rounds to 12
- fixed bug where fear tests only passed if rolled less than leadership. Equal to leadership was a fail.
- impact hits bug - only the top unit got impact hits (if the unit has the impact hits ability)

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