Monday, August 27, 2012

FMH v0.6 - TombKings

I've released v0.6. Get it here.
I added the Tomb Kings, cause Steven complimented my app so nicely. Thanks for that Steven, positive feedback is my development jamba juice.

I fixed some other things that reddit folks pointed out, like no Orc & Goblin Big 'Un units in the app at all, and that Choppas didn't work.

I also added Lances while I was at it, as they are so similar to Choppas, I didn't get a chance to implement anything to handle the Brettonian Lance Formation though. Maybe next time, though I'm prioritising getting all of the armies into the app before I start on each and every special rule.

This is the 11th army in FantasyMathHammer. Woo!

Here's the release notes:
- Tomb Kings work with UNSTABLE special rule.
- support for LANCES for all races (HE/EMPIRE/DE/VC/BRETS).
- O&G CHOPPAs rule support. mmm, choppy.
- Orcs & Goblins GIANT. Not yet handling giant special attacks though, just gave him 4 attacks.
- Empires Inner Circle Knights
- all Orc Big'Un units.
Fixed STEADFAST rank counts, in certain circumstances the
last horde rank wasn't counted when checking for STEADFAST.

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