Monday, September 18, 2006

Vs Dave's Undead (Win)

As the Dwarves inexorable advance continued, crushing zombie and skeleton alike 'neath nail shod boot, Morbius began to panic.
"Melkhior, Malthiun! invocate faster dammit!", screamed Morbius.
Melkhior began to feel faint with the sheer effort of invocating so many, but those damn dwarves just kept coming!
How he wished Morbius hadn't purposefully given the wrong directions to Vampyre Stephane, who was likely 30 miles east at the moment. Stephane would have shown those pesky dwarves.

"So Gurn" said Cage as he casually pulled his two handed Great Hammer from the crushed ribs of a fallen zombie.
"Nice day for a stroll eh?" Cage stepped on the still grasping hand of the zombie.
"Aye" said Gurn as he finished loading his pipe while leisurely ducking under a skeleton spear thrust.

Cage chuckled at the wagon which was not so much fleeing as crawling away from the field of battle.
"Cage? What the? Why aren' we chasing him? We could catch that wagon easy!"
Cage rolled his eyes at the young warrior "Hush now laddie, all in good time."
"Gurn, what have ye got there?"
"Don't know Cage, some sort of self expanding flimsy shield that that eejit Morbius dropped when he fled the field... it says something here". Gurn peered closer at the device..."Made in Vietnam".
"Whats a Vietnam?"

As the last of Morbius's invocated units were dispersed, he shouted from the back of his slowly retreating wagon:
"From hell's heart, I stab at thee. For hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee!"
"Umm Morbius? You're dead, you spent your last breath a long time ago"
"SHUT IT Melkhior!
I will kill many stunties, I crave vengeance!"
"When will that be then Morbius?"
"...maybe on Wednesday...yes...maybe on Wednesday".

I went for a full infantry army & Avil of Doom, no Warmachines whatsoever.
I had more inf units than dave, kept pressure up as he had to invokate units to stop my units flanking.
I learned my lesson from the last battles ethereal unit flanking my units, and double anvil moved my general into combat them (had magic weapon to kill them). Still, it took 3 turns to kill them which kept my general out of the battle for a while.

A strong Dwarf centre won the day, 2 units of 20 Hammerers (+ Rune of Courage = Immune to Fear and Terror) and 2 units of 20 Longbeards.
Even when the Hammerers lost CR (as one of them did every turn due to vampyre thrall), they roll on a stubborn leadership of 9.
LongBeard unit 1 faced off against the Elite Grave guard (which were butchered to a man, while
LongBeard unit 2 faced off against a large skeleton unit.
It was a long grind of a battle as I chose to just kill Dave's undead units (which he could replenish easily). But as Dave's main tactic of outnumbering & fear causing = autobreak wasn't working (due to immunity to fear, and dwarves not losing CR) it came down to melee ability which the invocated basic undead do not have.

Anvil of Doom though expensive, worked well, giving fear test rerolls and extra move phases to the general and flanking units.

Warhammer - Vs Dave's Undead

Next time, must kill the necromancers faster (Cannon? when necromancer is not in a unit he gets no 'look out sir'). Without these the army would fold very quickly. Also, dave will most likely take 2 vampyres making 2 of his units very capable in combat.

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