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24-10-06 Vs Skaven, 2k battle, Dwaves Lose.

24-10-06 Vs Skaven, 2k battle, Dwaves Lose.

Bugman's Brewery thread about this battle and how bad I suck :P

Before you say anything about the following dwarf army list, I keep reading on bugmans-brewery that Dwarves win by Static Combat Resolution(& staying alive).
I wanted to test this, and so took an army of warriors with shields.
I understand it is not a completely balanced army.
I was aiming for more troops, to give me flanking units to win by static CR with flankers (failed to flank anything unfortunately).
This is from memory and photos, so I may well have misorderd the photos or gotten some details wrong.

Any feedback should not be directed at army list composition, but at actual movement/tactics during battle please.

Dwarf Army List:
1 Runelord @ 323 Pts, Gromril Armour, Shield,
Anvil of Doom
Runic Armour [5] Rune of Stone

1 Organ Gun @ 120 Pts
10 Quarrellers @ 110 Pts, Crossbow, Light Armour

1 Runesmith @ 127 Pts, General, MRoSpellbinding, RoStone
1 Thane @ 160 Pts, Battle Standard, MRoGromril, MRoSwiftness, RoCleaving

20 Warriors @ 214 Pts, Heavy Armour, Sh, FC
20 Warriors @ 214 Pts, Heavy Armour, Sh, FC
20 Warriors @ 214 Pts, Heavy Armour, Sh, FC
20 Warriors @ 214 Pts, Heavy Armour, Sh, FC

11 Warriors @ 99 Pts, Heavy Armour, Shield
11 Warriors @ 99 Pts, Heavy Armour, Shield
11 Warriors @ 99 Pts, Heavy Armour, Shield

Dispel Pool: 8
Casting Pool: 2
Models in Army: 136

Total Army Cost: 1993


Vs Pauls Skaven (Loss) - Turn1a Skaven Start

My army list is above, all my infantry units are warriors bar the thunderer models representing Quarrellers.
The centre unpainted IronBreaker model unit (again warriors) have the BSB.
The Warrriors on the right of the Anvil have the General Runesmith
I setup the orgun gun before the Jezzails which I thought were coming, so I set it up behind my units out of way firing line of Jezzails
(Jezzails have blown up my war machines in turn 1 before, not a nice experience, damn S6 range 30" hitting on 5/6).

Skaven (best rembered army list) from left to right:
(Indented = character is in that unit)
10 Censor Bearers
20 Plague Monks
30 Clan Rats
1 Assasin
1 Cheiftan BSB GreatWeapon
1 Ratling Gun
2 Rat Ogres + Masters
30 Storm Vermin
1 Warpfire Thrower
30 Clan Rats
1 WarpLock Engineer
1 Grey Seer with Spells (Skitter Leap, Plague, Warp Lightning)
5 Jezzails
2 Rat Swarms
10 Tunnellers, under coin, ready to pop up.

Turn 1:
Skaven go first.
All units advance bar Jezzails, which fire on Quarrellers, killing 1.
WarLock Engineer casts(shoots?) WarpLightning, dispelled.
Grey Seer casts WarpLightning, dispelled.
Grey Seer casts Plague, fails rolling double 1. nothing bad happens. :(

Vs Pauls Skaven (Loss) - Turn1b Dwarf Start

Dwaves all advance.
Warriors beside orgun gun(OG) stay back to give OG firing line on rat ogres.
Quarrellers return fire on Jezzails, killing none.
Orgun gun fires on Rat Ogres, killing 1 Rat ogre and 2 masters.
Anvil Wraths and Ruins frying the ratling gun.

Turn 2a - Skaven
Vs Pauls Skaven (Loss) - Turn2a Skaven

  • Movement:
    • Skaven advance in formation.
    • All units advance bar Jezzails, which fire on Quarrellers, killing 2.
    • Rat Ogre charges warriors.
  • Magic:
    • WarLock Engineer casts(shoots?) WarpLightning, dispelled.
    • Grey Seer casts WarpLightning, dispelled.
    • Grey Seer casts Plague on warriors, very few roll over 4.
  • Combat:
    • Swarm charges warriors on right flank. Kill 1 warrior. Warriors get 2 wounds on swarm.
    • Rat Ogre kils no warriors, which win CR. RO flees. Warriors persue.

Vs Pauls Skaven (Loss) - Turn2a.1 Skaven

Turn 2b - Dwarf
Warriors charge Rat Ogre, flees further, warriors charge into Clan Rats.
OG fires and kills 5 Censor Bearers.
Jezzails and Thuderers exhange fire.
Warriors and Swarm trade blows.
Anvil Wraths and Ruins frying the warpfire thrower.
Vs Pauls Skaven (Loss) - Turn2b Dwarf

Question - Rule book seems to say that units once charged should be fully lined up.
We've been playing this way: line up chargers, wheeling about contact point (so as to allow multiple charges/further charges next turn...).
Is this not how it should be done?
Vs Pauls Skaven (Loss) - Turn2b.1 Dwarf

This is where it all goes pear shaped.
The warrior unit charging the skaven clan rats has my BSB, who has 3xS5 attacks, and MRoS, so I figure he'll add to the CR ok, and I'll be fine.
First round of combat general kills 3. Warriors kill none.
Assasin pops out on charge and kills 4 dwarves.
Skaven Cheiftan has GW, kills 3 dwarves.
Warriors lose CRes by 4 (both units have BSB, Std, 3 ranks).
Warriors fail Ld roll, and reroll BSB provides.
Warriors flee, skaven rats persue, catch and annilhate them.

Turn 3a - Skaven
Vs Pauls Skaven (Loss) - Turn3a Skaven

  • Compulsory Movement:
    • Censor Bearers charge warriors on left flank.
    • Rat Ogre rallys.
  • Movement:
    • ClanRats charge warriors(Hammerer models).
    • stormvermin charge warriors (ironbreaker models)
  • Magic:
    • WarLock Engineer casts(shoots?) WarpLightning, fails.
    • Grey Seer casts skitter leap, appears behind clanrats with BSB.
    • Grey Seer tries to cast warp lightning on warriors which are in CC, check rules. No wizard can cast spells on meleeing units unless spell states that it can.
  • Shooting:
    • Jezzails trade blows with thunderers again.
  • Combat:
    • ClanRat units Assasin and BSB chieftan maul warriors killing 7.
    • Warriors retaliating kill none. Fail ld roll, successful flee.
    • Warriors fighting stormvermin come out equal, 2wounds each, musician forces skaven to make ld roll, they pass.
    • Warriors on right flank slowly kill swarm.
    • Warriors on left flank slowly kill censor bearers, but losing a good few warriors solely to the toughness test the bearers cause.

Turn 3b - Dwarf
Vs Pauls Skaven (Loss) - Turn3b Dwarf

  • Movement:
    • Warriors rally in centre of field.
    • Warriors in mid right flank charge the stormvermin (I know they're now totally flank exposed to counter charge from other clan rats,
    • I just wanted to see what would happen)
    • Sick of Quarrellers doing no damage to Jezzails. Move forward for flank on those damn swarm that are taking ages to kill.
  • Shooting:
    • Anvil casts Wrath & Ruin tries Ancient power(I'm desperate and pissed off BSB + warriors died in 1v1 combat against clanrats and assasin and bsb.
    • Anvil rolls 1 on casting, and 1 on misfire, blowing up horribly, shoira.
    • OG kills ~6 clan rats.
  • Combat:
    • Warriors on left flank slowly kill censor bearers.
    • Warriors in centre kill off a good few stormvermin. with flank attack CR win is loads. Stormvermin flee.

Turn 4a - Skaven
Vs Pauls Skaven (Loss) - Turn4a Skaven

  • Compulsory Movement:
    • Stormvermin continue to flee
    • Tunnelers pop up in front of orgun gun
  • Movement:
    • Right Flank ClanRats charge flank of warriors
    • Main ClanRats charge rallied warriors
  • Combat:
    • Right Flank ClanRats win combat charging flank of warriors = +2 flank charge, -3 for dwarves as no rank bonus. :( dwarves flee and get caught, die creaming. pussies.
    • Main unit of clanrats with assasin/bsb charged warriors, win CR by 5 as dwarves hit nothing in return (man I miss GWs). more dwarves fleeing. And dieing.
    • Warriors on left flank bounce off censor bearers and vice versa.
    • Swarm almost dead. bastards.
    • Tunnellers kill all orgun gun crew.
Vs Pauls Skaven (Loss) - Turn4a.1 Skaven

Dwavres concede, battle is added to Book of Grudges

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