Friday, September 01, 2006

Lessons Learned

  1. Always take lots of anti-magic vs Undead
    (Battle Banner + Rune of Valaya, RuneSmith+Talismanic Rune of Balance, RuneLord).
    Being outmagiced is not nice, giving enemy extra movement & combat phases.
  2. Combat Resolution (CR) is damned important, especially when facing a fear causing enemy.
    CR loss & outnumber = you flee automatically.
    • bloody large units and never get charged in the flank (lose rank bonus).
    • Oath Stone to retain rank bonus even if flank charged.
    • Banner Rune: Immunity to Fear & Terror (30pts)
    • Banner Rune: +1CR to unit
    • Battle Banner Rune: +1CR to all units in 12"
  3. Always equip characters with a magic weapon, even if it is cheapest possible (5pt Rune of Fire). Your characters can then hit ethereal beings/magic armour.
  4. Take oath stones on units in flank, if the flank is weak.

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