Sunday, May 08, 2011

BastardCon 4 photos

mmm, bucky
Sat night, post tourney
So Bastardcon4 was last March already! I finally got around to pruning the many photos and uploading the remainder.  I have turn by turn photos of my 3 games, but still no battle reports I'm afraid.
On Sunday we played a massive 4v4 game, using the Invasion! rules on p410 of the BRB:
Dark Elves + Beastmen + Daemons + Chaos Dwarves
Dwarves + Empire + Dwarves + High Elf

Dark Elf Hydras double team a Chaos Dwarf unit
Double Hydra'd
To start with Team Good's high elf player was missing, so it was 4v3, 8000point v 6000point. The He-elf showed up for turn 3 or so I think, and arrived as reinforcements from one of the table quarters we (team good) still held.

SetupHold the tower!
The Grudge Throwers viewThis stalwart cannon hit the eville Hellcannon 3 turns straightThe Hellcannon that could (fabulously misfire)Handgunners, Thunderers, Steam Tanks and an Orgun Gun

The forces of light were feeling quite worried starting out, as we weren't killing enough every turn to make up for the 2000 point difference (especially as for team evil, core units come back for free the next turn as reinforcements), and we didn't know if the High Elves were going to show (Helm's deep anyone?). We started making smarter choices and killing elite expensive units but it still wasn't looking so good. We'd spent two turns trying to kill the Hellcannon with our 2 cannon, either missing or rolling a 1 to wound! Then the HellCannon misfired a doozy during it's turn, causing each and every wizard on the entire table to have to roll on the miscast table. Fun!

To be honest it didn't turn out the best, that size of battle turned into a slow slog for team evil getting to team good's side of the table. Every turn they had the snot bombarded out of them. That can't have been much fun. With the size of the game TeamGood's shooting phases were taking anything from 30-50mins.

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