Monday, March 14, 2011

Warhammer Invasion

I picked Warhammer Invasion up on a bit of a whim at lunch time, because I'd read this review. Sounds like fun to me.
It's actually scoring pretty high on the geek (mental note - check this before purchase next time).

I was hoping it would be a closed loop in terms of collectibles (i.e. not a CCG, but a one off purchase and you'll get the full set - like Dominion) - but it seems like you buy small expansion boxes of 40-60 cards which range from €10-€15, but these require the initial box set to play. So not a closed loop, but at least it's not tonnes of pot luck booster packs.

I must dig into the rules and bring Warhammer Invasion along to the next BastardCon.

Being back in the country, I also got to go pick up my Orcs and Goblins army book. I'm looking forward to savouring this hardback page by meaty page.


  1. Trying to track down a copy of said O&G Codex as we speak. Let us know the high points. Already hugely impressed with Arachnarok model.

  2. Is it difficult to get a copy in Limerick? What about Gary's shop there on Gerald Griffin st?
    I think it was €28 from GW here. I'll be in Limerick on the 26th & 27th if you'd like I can get a copy for you?


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