Tuesday, March 22, 2011

YATIMI8ED: Magic Resistance

Armour of +1 Magic Resistance
I totally haven't been paying attention to Magic Resistance.
In 7th ed it used to give you bonus dice to dispel spells targeted at the unit with the Magic Resistance.

Completely different in 8th Ed, and unfortunately less powerful as now it only helps against spells which deal damage and not against all spells. No help against de-buffs such as Lore of Shadow 'Withering' spell which reduces a stat to 1.
EDIT (22/03/11 16:35): 
It would help with spells like Lore of Shadow's 'Pit of Shades' which states that it is a direct damage spell.
PoShades explicitly states that no saves of any kind are allowed. Bad example. MR only helps with anything that causes hits or wounds on your models.

Magic Resistance p72
[paraphrasing] gives a ward save to the model against damage caused by spells. 
MR1 = 6+ ward save
MR2 = 5+ ward save
This is cumulative with any ward save the model already has, but only against damage caused by spells.
If a character with MR joins a unit, the unit benefits from the MR.

As a Dwarf player, how do you give a unit MR?
I think Oath Stones and Runes are the only way (assuming no named characters).
  • Oath Stones give you an MR(1)
  • Runic Standards: Rune of Sanctuary (15pts) give you an MR(1)
  • Runic Talismans: Rune of Warding (15pts) gives you an MR(1)
All of these are cumulative, though you won't be able to combine the Oath Stone and the Rune of Warding (see Oath Stone gotchas).

Do any of you build Magic Resistance into your army list?
If so do you find it useful? Worth the points?


  1. Sorry mate, but magic resistance won't work against Pit of Shades and/or other "pass test or die" spells. If something would cause hits, or wounds then it would but insta-kill spells won't fear magic resistance. Which sort of makes it even more useless. :/

  2. I was going to argue that I'm correct as MR states it's for use 'against damage caused by spells' and POShades states that it 'is a direct damage spell',
    but POShades explicitly states that models that fail their test are removed 'with no saves of any kind allowed'. So yeah, MR isn't going to help with that one.

    I have no opinion on whether or not taking MR is worth it, do you take it with your green skins at all?

  3. I do it to protect against lore of death spells aside from the Purple Sun (which autokills). You know the character sniper spells. I usually run a Savage Orc mob with my shaman and BSB both at 5+ ward saves. With MR(2) in the unit, that makes their ward saves go down to 3+ if they're targetted by such spells.

    The MR rules would have been great and a nice way of protecting that one unit you really don't want to lose to powerful spells, if only they wouldn't have made 90% of all damaging spells worth casting circumvent that killing without any saves. Had Purple Sun, Pit of Shades, Dwellers Below, etc caused "one wound with no armor saves allowed" then MR would have been great. Still extremely nasty spells, but at least us low initiative armies would have had a way to protect a unit or two from it.

    For your dwarfs, I'd consider giving them a couple of MR's for units that hold your BSB. If you give him Master Rune of Spite for that 4+ ward save, you could be looking at 2+ ward save against those lore of death spells, which WILL be targetting your BSB to make breaking your army much easier.


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