Saturday, April 28, 2012

This Dwarf is going to Brocon

I registered for BroCon last week, it's on July 20-22nd in UL in Luimneach, my home town (also where these somewhat more famous boyos are from). So far only one other of the CampaignHammer crowd are coming along (/boo hiss shame).

Still, should be good craic. I haven't played in a tournament before, I was always worried that my army wasn't painted, or wasn't fully WYSIWYG (things like a warrior block doesn't have great weapons, but they do on my list). I'm assured that this isn't as important for Brocon, neither is a fully painted army, though you are marked for the quality of paint of your army and these points count towards your final standing.

If I'm loosing from the get go (I definitely don't have time to get everything I need painted), I figure I'll just be in for the fun of it.

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