Monday, April 30, 2012

Fantasy MathHammer v0.2 updated

Version 0.2 is up on the market now.
It's fulla spicy meatball goodness! I've added those good for nothing pointy eared untrustworthy High elves, and some axis of eville Vampire Counts. I noticed that the majority of the armies I'd added to date were good guys, so thought I should start changing that. :)

- HighElves.
- Vampire Counts

Added Special Rule handling for:
- Speed of Asuryan, also added logic to allow units with ASF and higher initiative to reroll missed hits.
- Martial Prowess for HighElves
- Valour of Ages for HighElves
- Nagarythe Hatred for HighElves
- ETERNAL HATRED for Dark Elves.
- Shields 6+ ward save.
- STEADFAST handling

Fixed: Rank bonus is now limited to +3 max.

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