Friday, April 27, 2012

Fantasy MathHammer: HElves and more

Lots done tonight on Fantasy MathHammer (that's getting to be a mouthfull), biggest part of which was adding the High Elves!
I do try to listen when folks ask for stuff (the 3rd comment). :)

# TODO: [Done] Vampire Counts
# TODO: [Done] HighElves
# TODO: [Done] Rank bonus gives more than +3, need to limit it to 3.
# TODO: [Done] STOMP should happen very last in a round of combat. At the moment
#       it happens after the ogres attack, but before ASL goes.
# TODO: [Done] add STEADFAST
# TODO: [Done] add shield gives 6+ ward save
# TODO: [Done] Dark elves, eternal hatred

I have a TODO list to get through before updating the app in the market, tonight is a good 75% of it.

It's amusing that the thing that took the most time to implement, test and debug, was Eternal Hatred. I started it thinking: "ah it'll be easy. I just have to handle to hit the first turn only...only for Dark Elves (or anyone who has Eternal Hatred). Oh, and don't forget to apply it every turn if they're facing High Elves." 

Would a kind soul tell me how many wide monstrous infantry need to be to have a rank? I reckon it's 3, and I'm too tired and cross-eyed to check.


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