Thursday, January 13, 2011

Warhammer - a time lapse experiment

Dwarves vs Chaos Dwarves

Played a game of 8th Ed rules, it's only about our 5th game so we were still getting used to the rules.  I set the camera to automatically take a shot once per minute, queue some windows movie maker (I was pleasantly surprised at how easy to use this was) and you have an amateur time lapse video.

It's unfortunate that most of the battle's action took place on the far side of the table, mostly hidden by terrain & that house in the middle of the battlefield.

It was a pitched battle, fairly straight forward except that I've never played against Chaos Dwarves before so a lot of it was exploratory in a 'what can this unit do to me' sense.

We took a long time setting up (you can see the sun moving across the sky via the line on the table!) so by the time I got my first turn it felt like it was the 5th turn, never mind the second, and like an eager short beard I jumped the gun and did the miner rolls. A 4+ and queue one unit of miners in my first turn (they're not supposed to appear until the start of the second turn).
This very unfairly turned the tide of the battle. I didn't realise until well after we'd finished playing. 

Apart from that, in melee my units generally made mincemeat of the chaos dwarves. Great weapons did their damage, I definitely think they're the way to go with large dwarf blocks and 8th ed rules, which seem to lean heavily towards CR and doing lots of wounds quickly. 

Ah well. Next time. I'll crush them but good and fairly. The Dwarven way.

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  1. We'll see about that Mr Craig. Once I have a handle on these chaos stunties there will be lamenting in the halls of the dwarves.


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