Monday, September 05, 2011

FlickRiver Warhammer Pics

JK's skillz of the dice rolls
Only need a 2+ to hit? Here, have these 5 1's.
I'm writing another Rules Monger post, these take me a little while as I like to try and make sure they're correct & I've looked up every relevant paragraph in the Warhammer rule book / army books.

In the mean time, you might allow your finely tuned & delicate optics to peruse these fine light captures, as arranged by flickriver (which I have just discovered).

RedCraig's photos tagged with warhammer on Flickriver
RedCraig - View my 'warhammer' photos on Flickriver


  1. That's a lot of photos Craig. Ah, memories.

    Damn, I need to paint more of my undead.

  2. Sure is a lot of photos.

    All my uploaded photos on flickr over the many years our group has been playing - if they're tagged with 'warhammer' they get read by flickriver.

    Can you tell from the photos if the number of painted undead in 2005 is equal to the current number of painted undead? :P

  3. Cheek, or encouragement? Your Fimir are looking amazing, but I miss your undead. The clammy grasp of their cold flesh as they're mulched under Dwarven heel (/me waits for cries about wights and killing blow, the 'go to' bastion for Mr.Sat).

  4. I'm having trouble not going back to finish my ghouls. I did actually finish building my fillers for my ghoul units, but I'm going to stick with the fimir to give me a finished 2400 point army, (unless the campaign requires I do some tiles, scenery etc). I fancy tackling some tournaments next year. After that, I'll return to the dead and finish the army.

    Oh yeah, and my wights love cutting your dwarf heroes dead's off.


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