Thursday, January 13, 2011

vs Skaven - 1200 points

I recently had my arse handed to me by a slave heavy Skaven army.

There were a few knife edge moments in the battle where it could have swung the Dwarf way, but no joy.

Dwarf army composition was something along the lines of:
Thane with BSB - 115 points
3 Warrior units of 20, FC + GW - 225x2=675 points
1 unit of 10 Thunderers - 140 points
Orgun Gun - 120 points
Flame Cannon - 140 points

for a grand total of  1190 points.

Skaven Army composition:
(I'm no Skaven player and don't have the army book, so this is rough guess work)
Slave unit of 40 x2
Clanrats unit of 20 x2
Doom Wheel
Warpfire thrower team for one of the clanrats units
Another character that was the BSB
Warplock Engineer with Doom Rocket
Elite unit of 10 Storm Vermin(?) with a magic Storm Banner
Unit of 6 Gutter Runners x2

The worst part was a Skaven doom rocket (mental note: look up doom rocket rules) firing and taking out 13 Warriors in a unit of 20. 
It's a one shot 40 point randomised range (there's some guessing and lots of dice rolling) and it hits with the large template. Strength 5 hits if I remember correctly.

The Doom wheel is awesome in combat with it's grinding hits. I have a feeling we were playing it wrong, as we counted it as a war machine, so that I was only choosing 6 models to hit it. The crew didn't have a toughness, so we used the warmachines (sigh) which was 5. That could have been worse I suppose.

And then we come to the massive Skaven slave units, with Steadfast, become porridge you pretty much have no chance of getting through for 3-4 turns.
The two slave units faced off against 2 dwarven warrior units Full Command and Great Weapons.  The warriors averaged 7 wounds on the slaves so I was always winning the Combat Resolution, but with Steadfast and a nearby general the slaves could use the General's leadership and were rolling on a 9.
One of the warrior units got flanked by the Doom wheel and clan rats and was still winning combat due to the large number of wounds on the slave unit! They lost in the end, but it was satisfying watching the Skaven players face for the turn that they won. Small victories eh?

Let's see, what else. Ah yes.
A nice moment in the second turn when the Orgun gun's second volley wiped out the remaining 7 Storm Vermin, thereby getting rid of the Storm Banner. The 10 vermin had lost 3 to a Thunderer volley immediately before that.
Thank sod, the banner had been activated and was making my life hell.

The Flame Cannon, again scared the shit out of my opponent, and again ineffective.  Even though it wounded slaves every turn they never panicked - they always had the nearby general for high leadership and the Battle Standard for re-rolls.

The gutter runners popped up in turn 3 or so.  A unit of each of them behind both my warmachines. Ninja stars in the back of the head for the crew. The warmachines lasted 2 turns. After being ninja'd and losing a crewman, the orgun gun clanked around and blew the first unit of gutter runners away. EAT THIS! The second unit charged the flame cannon to avoid ranged fire, killing the crew with poison weapons in one turn.

Even with all of it's random funky tools of destruction, the slaves & steadfast definitely won the day for the Skaven & Clan Skyre.


  1. In all honesty, I was vastly superior to my opponent.

    In particular, my gambit of having a unit break and flee from his warriors just so I could rally them on ridiculously long odds and charge them into his flank amply demonstrated a tactical genius scarcely seen since Scipio.

    And the expected grousing of the inferior beard-things regarding the Doomwheel (- "Now I'm going to sing the Doom Song. Doom de doom doom" -) singularly failed to note that it was crushing/scratching/disintegrating an exposed flank (- "de doom, doomy doom" -), and was being attacked by as many axe-wielding, feckless troglodytes as was possible at the time (- "DOOMY DOOMY DOOM!" -).

    Didn't do them any good though.

    And, as was pointed out at the time: SUPERIOR SKAVEN CRAFTSMANSHIP (craftsratship?)

    In closing, the Dwarfs fielded an illegal list with their BSB as general, but you don't hear me complaining, because I'm above all that.

  2. I guess that's what happens when one become too dependent on Army Builder for rule-mongering ones army list. I'll violently apologise to you when next we meet.

  3. Violently? I may have to be out of the country.


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