Friday, September 27, 2013

three colours thunderer

Last night I finished the beards, highlighted three beards with Feugen Orange, and another three with Cassandra Yellow just to try and vary the beard tint. I think that the dip will darken the beards so much as to make it unnoticeable, but it's worth a try.

I also added some grass, which I realised was way ahead of when I should have added it. I still need to paint and dip the model + base before adding bits and bobs. 

I tried PVA glue and water mix on top of some of the grass tufts to try and make it look like they've been snowed on, and the they've hardened with the frost. I did it years ago and it worked because the PVA maintained a touch of the white tint, but this time it looks like it's clear. Maybe if I add some white paint to the mix...

When adding grass tufts, I picked a corner of the models base. The idea is that I can find an opposite corner on another models base so that when they stand together the grass patch 'joins' across their bases. Can't believe I never thought of that before.


  1. Yeah, they'll be nice when they're done :)
    Pity thunderers are not cost effective. I took two units of them for NWG this weekend. At least they'll look nice while they get ridden over by stanks and daemon princes. :)


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