Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Display boards & NWG

I'm playing in NWG at the weekend. It's been a whole year since I played a game of warhammer. Time to get schooled I guess!

Having a display board is worth some extra points. I've never bothered with one before, but think I'll throw (given the time constraints) one together.

I tried a small cork board for size, 39cm x 59cm, see above. Everything is a bit crammed in there with the craters, but I couldn't resist. I can't decide if they look out of place. The idea would be the army is under fire.

Going to do a fast job of either spray painting the cork board grey to look like "stone", or find a cheap grass effect in the local shop I guess.

I have the GW double hill which slots into each other, and I have a bunch of trees I've based well enough (they're not done tbh), but there's just no room.

Argos do a bigger board, 60cm x 80cm, which is 1.9x2.6 foot. hefty enough but wouldn't look as cramped. Hrm.

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