Friday, March 22, 2013

Warriors Batch #2

Last 2 nights work:

About 2 hours a night.

Two dipped Dwarfs, and eight more with 3 colours - tin bitz, skin and beards (well, I have two more beards to go).

I've been trying some different colours, to compare the new gw paints with the old. I'm a lazy painter, I just want them to be the same...
Now, the two dwarfs in the front have just been dipped, so it's hard to see the differences in colour while they're so glossy.

Left Dwarf v Right Dwarf:

Ratskin flesh (left), which is the new version of dwarf flesh (right) but is actually a good deal more tan coloured. :(
Auric armour gold (left) which is the new version of burnished gold, and seems pretty much the same, with the same low pigment level and inability to cover (read: requires 3 coats to look any good).

One of the things I'm going to try and do is vary the painting scheme somewhat. From afar these dwarfs will look like approximate copies of each other, but up close I'm going to change up helmet, horn, axe haft decoration colours using different colours from the same scheme.

Get your beard on:

I'm also going to try and vary the beard shades just a smidge. I used Cassandra Yellow shade on the left dwarf above, which lightened it up a lot. Unfortunately army builder dark tone deepended it again, and it looks almost the same as the dwarf on the right.

Next time I'll try much more of the Cassandra Yellow (I only used a touch the first time) and try and hit some highlights with it which will show through the dip. I know, it's a shade and is supposed to run into the lower areas, but we'll see.

I can also try the soft-tone dip on the beard instead, which gives a much browner shade to the models.

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  1. Looking good Craig, I bulk bought paint for my fimir mixes to avoid these problems. Getting you paint on lately, j'approve!


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