Sunday, March 17, 2013

Warrior Painting #2

My first painted banner!
After dipping last night, I've applied matt varnish and a gloss varnish to the helmet and axe gems. Looking pretty tasty if I do say so myself!

The warrior with the brown base on the end is a tester for green grass & snow style base, I think that's what I'll be going with except that I'll keep the bases black underneath. I also need to grass & snow up the movement tray.

10 Warriors
I'm loving the colours of the shields, and the musicians horn. I need to be a little tidier with some of those shields on the next batch.

These chaps took far too long to paint, I definitely need to figure out how to get my time down with them. Be less neat on the rear ranks? More neat in the front? Maybe, but if I'm spending the time I like to do a half decent job (relative to my ability that is).


  1. These look good, nice choice of colours.

    1. Looking great! Colours work super well. More please.

  2. Thanks! I've (re)caught the painting bug now, which is unfortunate as I have no spare time! Let's see if I can keep some momentum up regardless.


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