Sunday, July 29, 2012

WFB shecksy models - Ogres + Warriors of Chaos

Turn 1a Dwarves
The Ogre Kingdoms & Warriors of Chaos alliance face off a horde of Dwarfs.
Turn 2a - Dwarves-001
A 15 block of Warriors of Chaos with a Mark of Tzeentch) hold off a horde of 30 Hammerers while also being rear charged by a block of 20 miners for 3 turns.
The WoC general was heard to genuinely remark: "Those dwarf hammerers are ridiculously good, how are they still alive?"
Turn 4b - Ogre + Warrios of Chaos Alliance
Some very pretty Chaos Knights charge a cannon. This photo is slightly out of focus, but they're still pretty boys. Get a room party knights!


  1. Nice photos mate especially like the Green Chaos Knights not a scheme ive seen before

    1. Cheers John! I didn't paint any of em now, just took photos while they trounced me :)
      I think the knights were part of a nurgle themed chaos army.


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