Saturday, July 14, 2012

Brocon Army List

2500 Pts - Dwarfs Roster - Brocon I'm going to a tournament next weekend, open lists, here's what I've decided to bring.
There's probably too many points in anti magic, and not enough hard troops on the ground, but I've been getting somewhat hooped by magic recently. Good ole purple sun, and my next best friend the pit of shades really can screw the dwarfs something awful.
The Spelleater is always a gamble at 50 points, but screw it. It might make a the difference.

On the SCALE system the army is a 2:
+1 no level 3 wizard or above
+1 > 450 points in hammerers
+1 >1 Rune of Penetrating on Grudge Throwers (cumulative across Grudge Throwers).
+1 : 1 auto dispel item after the first
= SCALE 2.

I'm not sure that 5 extra hammerers (pushing the unit > 450 points) is worth a dirty point.

Dirty point? SCALE system? It's linked from the tournament page, the rules PDF is here.
SCALE is the 20-0 points system for games, but the difference of each armies scale is applied to the 20-0 scoring. If two armies have draw at 10-10, and one army is quite dirty at scale 4, one less so at 2 then the difference is 2 and the overall score becomes 12-8 in favour of the less dirty army.
Max dirty score is 5.

Here's my army list...

2490 Pts

30 Quarrellers, FC, GW; 415 pts
40 Dwarf Warriors, FC, GW; 425 pts
35 Hammerers, FC; 500 pts
    1 Runic Standard (Master Rune of Grungni)
4 Slayers; 70 pts
      1 Giant Slayers

1 Organ Gun, 120 pts
1 Grudge Thrower, Rune of Accuracy; Rune of Penetrating; 130 pts
1 Grudge Thrower, Rune of Accuracy; Rune of Burning; Rune of Penetrating; 135 pts
1 Cannon, Rune of Burning; Rune of Forging; 130 pts

1 Runelord, 253 pts (General; Hand Weapon; Gromril Armor; Shield)
      1 Runic Armor (Rune of Stone)
      1 Runic Talisman (Master Rune of Balance; Rune of the Furnace; Spelleater Rune)
1 Runesmith, 147 pts (Shield)
      1 Runic Talisman (Master Rune of Spellbinding; Rune of Spellbreaking x1)
1 Thane (Battle Standard Bearer), 165 pts
      1 Runic Armor (Master Rune of Gromril)
      1 Runic Talisman (Master Rune of Spite; Rune of the Furnace)

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